Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Wish List and October Recap

From last month's picks, I ended up getting the DVF pants (on sale! will blog about them soon), as well as the tie for my man, but my favorite purchase of the month was for the little guy.

He grabbed all his own candy while trick-or-treating (often two pieces at a time). My little candy rover did an excellent job!

Moving on to this month:
Here are a few of my current favorites for the office. Though I'm known to wear skirts and dresses most every day, I'm really into fun pants this season, and I just love these gold stripes. Burgundy seems to be the color du jour and since I'm in need of some booties, these would be perfect.

I am currently taking applications for a new every day work bag and I'm loving this one by Marc Jacobs. I've also finally decided it's time to get a big girl watch and I'm obsessed with the rose gold and grey combo. 
And here are my weekend picks. This is a perfect holiday party dress. I love the cap toe shoes that are so popular right now. However, I tend to go for a cheaper version of things that are especially trendy, and then if I see the style sticking around past one season I can invest in a pricier pair. 

Between the booties, cat eye sunglasses and panther sweater, I guess I've got a kitten theme for this month. 

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